Welcome to the Uncle Nicolai's

Camp Grounds & RV Parking

  along the Klutina River.

Latitude:  6157'13.18"N   Longitude: 14518'0.47"W

Please contact us by email  for more information.

No reservations: Campsites are  "First come-first served"


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      Copper Rail Depot Saloon









Camping: One vehicle plus one tent: $25.00 on riverbank; $15.00 on north side of river dike

RV Parking: Less than 28 feet: $25/$35;  28 feet plus: $35/$45.

These spaces are only available on a first-come, first-served basis, but we always have space available on the property for campers and for RVs

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 Uncle Nics to the Princess Hotel (dining): 3 miles  
Uncle Nics to Valdez: 100 miles
Uncle Nics to downtown Glennallen: 15 miles  
Uncle Nics to Anchorage: 205 miles
Uncle Nics to Tok: 150 miles
Uncle Nics to Fairbanks: 265 miles
In the neighborhood: Two restaurants, one liquor store with gas and groceries; post office; 3000 + foot State-maintained landing strip; various King Salmon river charter services and fishing along the adjacent river bank. See pictures here:



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