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Above the bar: Great Northern engines Above the bar: AKRR Mac SD-70 engine Above the bar: Great Northern FA1 Above the bar: CRNW 101 Above the bar CRNW 101 & 102
Mogul engines CRNW 101 & 102 Cantwell & Sleetmute RR  yards Cantwell RR yard Cicely, showing NASCAR train Cicely view 2
Cicely view 3: looking SE Cicely 4: showing Bates Motel & mansion Cicely 5: middle track on Alaska Ave. Cicely 6: AK Ave with Brick Tavern Cicely 7: AK Ave looking west
Cicely 8: Bates Motel Cicely 9: NW Mining Co & Bates Mansion Cicely 10: Hardware store complex Cicely 11: View west w/ hot air balloon Cicely 12: south & midtown tracks
Cicely 13: AK Ave, Santa Fe Ry parked on midtown track Cicely 14: Santa Fe Ry, hot air balloon, hardware store complex Cicely 15: The Brick Tavern,
Rexal Drug Store
Cicely 16: City fire & police hall complex Cicely 17: Brick Tavern
Cicely 18: library & Wells Fargo bank Cicely 19: Rexal Drug / brewery Cicely 20: hardware store complex Cicely 21: city police & fire complex & Esso gas station & Esso storage tanks Cicely 22: Brick Tavern block
Cicely 23: Brick, local Alaskan Carrs & Safeway trucks Cicely 24: rear of hardware store complex Cicely 25: north track, west side Cicely 26: west end showing church & Big Boy Restaurant Cicely 27: 2nd St, showing collection of Diecast cars (over 100 on this layout)
Cicely 28: Alaskan Brewing Co in Cicely tracks leading into Sleetmute RR yard below Cicely town layout beer garden water fall & pond, Aug 28, 2014 CRNW Gilahina trestle behind CRNW 101 & 102 mogul engines CRNW mogul engines & brass bell
Cicely town layout building, Aug 28, 2014 fireweed going to seed, Aug 28, 2014 CRNW Ry line shack Map of outdoor model RR layout More RR photos from previous years.
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